Golf Coach: Touring Pros, Celebrities & Elite Junior Golfers
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About Me

From Manchester England enjoyed a successful Junior Golf career, was awarded a scholarship to the University of Central Arkansas, U.S.A. graduated in 2006 - turned Professional 2006 - graduated University of Birmingham with PGA degree in 2009

My Coaching Philosophy

Every golfer has a different body composition and therefore limits what they can or cannot do.  It is critical, in my opinion, that an individuals golf swing feels natural and comfortable.  As a coach it is my job to help all my clients reach their maximum potential.

Work Ethic

I believe that you get out of this sport only what you put into it.  I expect all my clients to be as dedicated as I am and be determined to be the best they can be.  I love teaching and I structure specific programs for each client to help them improve and reach their goals.

My Clients

Coach to Tour Players, Celebrities & Elite Junior Golfers

James Milner

Liverpool FC

As well as being on of the Worlds top football players - James is an avid golfer who is constantly working on improving his game. He shows the same determination in golf as he does on any footy pitch - he will be a scratch player before long.

Sophie Walker

Ladies European Tour Player

Constantly working on being the best she can be - Sophie continues to work on any and all aspects of her game that we as a team, feel there is room for improvement. It won't be long before she is in the winners circle again.

Pep Angles

European Tour Player

Pep secured his playing privileges on the European PGA Tour in 2016 via a top 16 finish on the Challenge Tour - at only 24 Pep is fast creating a name for himself as one of the longest hitters on tour - his desire to be the best is already paying off.


Ladies European Tour Player

Carly continues to work hard on her game, striving to be the ultimate professional. Her determination to succeed drives Carly to add to her 3 professional victories - knowing her, I am confident that she will do so soon.